The Kalahari Honey Story

Changing the world one bee at a time

Our mission at Kalahari Honey is to bring balance between human, wildlife and the environment we live in. We are using beekeeping to mitigate human and wildlife conflict, build sustainable communities while addressing six of the SDGs.

Botswana is home to the world’s largest Elephant population. 70% of the country is a desert, only 30% is habitable for both human and wildlife. 80% of the population practices some form of agriculture. Every year farmers lose their crops and their lives due to elephants. Kalahari Honey uses beehives as living fences around the farms to keep elephants away from the farms.

Using bees we are able to

  • create jobs for more than 500 women and counting who produce honey
  • contribute to the food security as farmers are able to harvest their crops
  • Gender Equality- we have seen a decline in the numbers of gender based violence cases as women are more empowered and have jobs
  • Wildlife Conservation as farmers no longer have to shoot elephants
  • Land Restoration, bees pollinate 70% of the earth’s plant pollination

Our mission at Kalahari Honey is to build environmentally  sustainable communities that are resilient, inclusive and competitive.

Numbers speak for themselves!

4800 +
Lives Impacted
Women Farmers
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Mila Kunit

We are Kalahari Honey

Certified Products

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We deal with various quality organic products!

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