Kalahari honey wine

How do I use it?

Our Kalahari mead is a organic, very high in anti oxidants honey wine that will go perfect with your favourite combinations of spicy, like your Mexican food or that Korean soup and fruity flavors.

For those who prefer sweet

Desserts will do marvelously with your Kalahari honey wine. An amazing combination we suggest to try with our mead is a nice glass of it with a piece of sweet strawberry shortcake.

Do you enjoy cooking? You’ll never see meat the same way!

If you like experimenting in the kitchen, this will take you to a whole new level of food matching, use a cyser mead in a marinade for your favourite meat, like chicken or pork. After, drink the rest of the bottle with your meal! Cysers are meads with apples or apple juice and honey, both flavours naturally complement several dishes based on mead.
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